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Peter D. Berridge 7th Dan responsible for Kyushindo Karate in Australia.


Troy P. Berridge 5th Dan.

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In 1967 Peter Berridge commenced training in K.I.A. Kyu Shin Do Judo and Karate with its founder Chief George Mayo.  Whilst in England Peter instructed in clubs at Northampton, Luton and Bristol where he met and trained with “Ricky” Giardina.  



In 1970 Peter opened his first club in South Australia. Peter made regular visits to England to receive his gradings and eventually received his 6th Dan from Chief George Mayo.  Since the early 1970’s Peter has trained over 50 black belts and many are still practicing K.I.A. Kyu Shin Do Karate today.



During the 1970’s Peter introduced Kyu Shin Do Judo into several high schools, as an elective subject, and was registered with the South Australian Education Department.  The same judo techniques and breakfalls are still taught as part of the Kyu Shin Do International Association, Australia.


Rob Moss, 3rd Dan, Coach/Instructor