In 1977 I started to learn Kyushindo Karate in Italy (Sicily, Canicatti` AG)

 following my father Sensei Ricky (Diego-Giardina).


When i was a child I discovered the benefits that this discipline

can give to everybody.

The more I practise this style and more I understand it’s not only

about kicking and punching but for me is a way of life.


We all know there are many sports which can help to have a healthy

 life and for me Karate it’s a complete Sport plus it has got the

 benefit of self-defence, these two qualities together helps a lot to

keep me fit and to build up my confidence.


My opinion this discipline is a very good natural medicine, because many

times after a difficult and stressful day, when I finish my Karate lesson the body and the mind  

feel relaxed and stress relieved.

Between 1977 and 1996 living in Italy I always followed

Sensei Ricky and in England from 1997 till present.

When I was living in Italy being part of K.I.A. group and a

member of F.IA.M., W.A.K.O. and after U.N.I.B. and F.E.K.D.A.,

it took me nearly 20 years to reach the grade of black belt 4thDAN.




Moving back to England I also carried on with my Karate teaching in various North Somerset council sports centre and training under Sensei Ricky in Bristol.


Being a member of British Karate Association  in 1999 i took part in the B.K.A. Open Championships with Greg Clarke and Kevin Price in the team kata competition, winning the 1st place in Oldham in Manchester, this victory was not only a great feeling to win the gold but mainly a positive result of hard work of all the team and thanks for all the experience and advice from Sensei Ricky in every Single Karate lesson.


In April 2000 after a Karate seminar in Weston Super Mare I had the honour to receive the 5thDAN from Claudio Pastore General Secretary of F.E.K.D.A.

Every year my self with my Dad Sensei Ricky ,we go to Italy and visit the K.I.A. group in Sicily to train together in Sports Centre or in private Clubs.

 Every chance is a good reason to train together from a normal Karate lesson to a big seminary.

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Blue Shirt Day

World Day Of Bullying Prevention!


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Gaining 6th Dan.


In 2011 it is a great privilege to receive the 6th Dan from the EKF (English Karate Federation ).


I would like to say that it is not only my effort, but thanks to all the KIA group for their co-operation, from the beginners, black belts, instructors and Sensei Ricky.


I would also like to thank the British Karate Association Chairman Brian Seabright for everything he has done for the KIA group.


Congratulation to Dr Greg Clarke for his 5th Dan being recognised by the EKF.

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